Daniel J. Shoultz

Daniel J. Shoultz

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Our friend Daniel Shoultz passed away peacefully in his home on February 13, 2018.Dan was a special person to both his caregivers and peers.Dan was a very particular and was set curiously in his ways. For example, Dan had a set of shoes for use during the day which were white and a set for the night, which were black. Instead of walking to his room, he preferred to scoot down the hallway to his bedroom, but only if all hallway doors were shut. Dan’s staff and housemates will miss the background noise of his “throat singing” and his subtle quirks. Dan liked to observe his peers; he was particularly fond and protective of one housemate. Dan was always quick to let someone know when something was not right. Dan enjoyed teaching new people his routine and often times would patiently give direction until it was learned. Dan could be described by the people that knew him as a very strong-willed man. Dan was classically stoic but knew how to show others that he cared. Dan had a love of coffee, t-shirts, and sleeping in. Dan taught the people who had the pleasure of knowing him how to communicate without words and to care without condition. Dan’s caregivers will miss playing eighties music for him to laugh to, his preference of tie dye shirts (short-sleeved ONLY), drinking coffee with him in the mornings, his infectious laughter, and his quiet presence in the home. He will be greatly missed.

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