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Sasha M. Light, 25, of Sheridan, passed away on Monday, August 19, 2019, at the Sheridan Memorial Hospital. She was born on September 15, 1993, in Mesa, AZ, to parents Earlin “Toni”Hansen and second mom Christina Miller and John N. Light and second father Shane Curdt.Sasha Light enjoyed going on long runs and she also enjoyed hanging out with friends and family. She loved outside activities from taking her two kids Desi and Ambrose and two boyfriends Charles and Alan to the park for some quality time together to horseback riding and some other outside activities include going to the lake with her mom Christina, her brother Dylan and the kids, motorcycle rides with her boyfriend Charles and she would go for jogs anywhere from 1 mile to 20 miles she loved to run. Sasha loved music little bits of everything from rock to country music when she was having a rough day but only if Charles sung it to her. She was a very free spirited person she thrived at being 100% her no matter what people thought. She loved her favorite drinks from the Daily Grind where she would visit multiple times a week Sasha Light is preceded in death by her grandfather Mr. Hansen that passed in 2010 and her grandmother Mrs. Hansen that passed in 1993. Sasha survived by her mother\'s Earlin (Toni) Hansen and Christina Miller as well as her father’s John Light and Shane Curdt, her sister’s and brother’s Chaz Hansen, Sabrina light, Samantha Hirsch, Daylynn Curdt, Dylan Ross,and Wayne Giger, and most importantly by her two loving kids Ambrose light and Desdemona Sickler, Sasha Light also survived by two loving boyfriends Alan Flatt and Charles Sickler and there parents Michael and Jeanenne Larson, Eric and Lori Flatt, Andrew Sickler and Kaelene Wright.We will be having a celebration of life for Sasha Light on September 15, 2019 At 435 Dunnuck st Sheridan Wyoming at 1 pm. The celebration will be held By her mothers Toni and Christina. The celebration will be a pot luck. If you have any questions please contact Dylan Ross 307 620 2297Kane Funeral Home has been entrusted with local arrangements.

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A Celebration Of Life, will be held Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm, at 435 Dunnick, in Sheridan,WY.


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