Toby Nelson Vineyard

Toby Nelson Vineyard

08/18/1980 - June 22, 2023
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Toby Nelson Vineyard was born August 18, 1980 to Sheri and Guy Vineyard in Sheridan Wyoming. Toby joined an older brother Tyler. Toby spent most of childhood at the PK Ranch outside of Sheridan with his parents, brother and beloved Grandpa and Grandma Roberts. You could find Toby in his younger years running around the ranch with Tyler giving out speeding tickets to “speeders” coming in, fishing, finding shenanigans to get into, trying to learn to swim, and stealing all the cookies from the trophy house’s soda fountain. These are just some of the memories he never forgot from living there. Toby truly loved living at the PK and working there later on in life.

Toby attended Beckton Elementary for a few years and enjoyed the ride into school with his Grandma Roberts. Beckton, being a small school, allowed pocket knives and Toby fondly remembered playing games during recess with throwing the knives at the ground.

Toby and his family moved to Clearmont in 1990. Toby and Tyler would attend Clearmont Jr/Sr High school. Toby enjoyed team roping and spent most of his off time in the arena on his horse Bill. Toby and Bill would attend NHSFR during his high school career twice. Toby roped with many partners qualifying for the NHSFR with Devin Worman, and Jeremy Biley. Toby traveled along with Tyler for a couple years and then on his own with his partner at the time. I'm sure we could all tell multiple stories about the shenanigans Toby got into but a favorite memory of his was catching some baby geese for Sheri on her birthday with Shiloh Brown. I feel the geese probably got the best of the two young men.

Toby also played basketball during jr high and high school and enjoyed his time he spent with a great friend, Dusty Bates. These two would grow close throughout the school years causing Lynn Latham stress and anxiety throughout the FFA season. She took it like a trooper and she was one of Toby's favorite teachers and valued her friendship later in life.

Toby worked on the family ranch and worked with many hired hands and helpers. Nick Roadifer and Toby found time to hunt, check cows, work on cars, go snowmachining and work on the ranch together and became quick friends. Shiloh Brown also came to work for the family ranch and you could usually find those two watching MASH, eating crackers and string cheese, teaching Amy’s cat to eat string cheese from the container, or just causing some trouble somewhere. Shiloh Brown was a strong presence in Toby’s life and so many memories were made with him.

After High School Toby moved to Arizona, bought a place and built an arena to continue to do what he loved to do, work with horses and rope. He met John and Wayne Folmer there and continued to rope with them on and off.

Toby moved back to Wyoming in 2006 and married Amy Bohlmann and had two amazing children during their time together, Bronc and Brindle Vineyard. Toby taught both the kids the love of horses and how to ride. Toby also taught Bronc to rope and noticed he had a natural talent, like most of the Vineyards. He loved both his kids immensely and tried to do best for them when he could. Toby helped buy a horse for both kids and helped Brindle with her barrels. Toby enjoyed watching the kids compete in either rodeo or basketball.

Toby met Tucker Smith in 2019 and stayed with her till 2022. Together they enjoyed having the kids over and running them to rodeos and barrel racing. They both strived to help the kids in any way they could and enjoyed having them over.

Toby started his job at Sunlight Ranches in the fall of 2022 and his son Bronc had the opportunity to work on the Ceded Strip ranch with him in the summer of 2022. Toby was so proud of Bronc and his work ethic he showed that summer. I know those memories will forever be with Toby as well as Bronc.

In June of 2023 Toby proposed to Lacey Dowdy. They had planned to wed in the fall of 2023. Toby had many friends throughout his lifetime, too many to mention. His circle was large and he had a friend wherever he went. Toby was someone who would've given you the shirt off his back even if it was his last one. He’d help anyone who needed it. Toby had a huge heart. Toby enjoyed his kids, roping, riding good horses, having a good time with his friends, swapping cowboy stories, living the cowboy lifestyle, and all of his friends.

Toby was the epitome of a Cowboy, he lived the life well and without hesitation. In his younger years he could sit a saddle with the best of them and trained a lot of really good horses, he made friends in many genres of the horse world and loved to talk and learn more about what makes a good horse. He worked hard and loved working with his draft horses as well. Trying to keep the cowboy tradition alive and pass it down to his kids.

On June 23, 2023 Toby joined his mom, grandma Ermal Roberts, grandpa Don Roberts, gram Carolyn Vineyard in Heaven. Toby gained peace and happiness that day that he had longed for, for many years. He will be missed by many.

Toby is survived by his two children, Bronc Vineyard and Brindle Vineyard, his brother Tyler (Stacy) Vineyard, his two nieces Caytlen and Cathryn Vineyard, his father Guy (Becky) Vineyard, and grandpa Nelson Vineyard.

There has been a memorial set up for his two children at First Northern Bank in Sheridan.

A celebration of life will be held at the Clearmont Community Church on Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 2:00 pm with Pastor Kevin Cooley officiating. A reception will follow at the park.

Kane Funeral Home has been entrusted with arrangements.

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July 1, 2023
Start Time:
2:00 pm
A celebration of life will be held at the Clearmont Community Church on Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 2:00 pm with Pastor Kevin Cooley officiating. A reception will follow at the park.


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